ZIP Dynamic Audio Campaign

Is this the world's first dynamic, personalised, sung ad campaign?

New Noise Audio was tasked with producing the latest ZIP dynamic audio campaign called ‘Lit With Love’ in partnership with Global’s Creative team. We believe this is one of the first data-driven, fully sung and dynamic audio campaigns in the world, which changes the lyrics of the song based on your geo location, temperature and the weather you’re experiencing, which was then used as a personalised DAX campaign for Global using amillionads technology.

Our Head Producer Chris Hollis says: “It’s been a really, really exciting project to be part of and ultimately one of the first of its kind.”

The world’s first dynamic, personalised, sung ad campaign! Perfectly capturing the mood and contextual relevance of winter weather in an authentic love song to fire, that is as catchy as it is beautifully crafted. ”Sam Crowther – Head of Creative at amillionads.

To listen to the full audio advert, please click here.

New Noise Audio also created the ‘making of’ video in-house, if you’d like a video like this for your brands content marketing or your portfolio please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Video filmed at Unit Studios and New Noise Audio HQ based in Hertfordshire, UK.

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