Tree Nightclub Multi-Platform Marketing Campaign


Global Radio’s Creative Account Manager in Bristol, Kath Embling, tasked New Noise Audio to create a uniform sound for the Tree Nightclub in Swindon campaign. An ultra-modern sonic branding package was produced for the advertising campaign, which currently runs across both radio and online.

Kath Embling spoke to New Noise Audio about her creative concept for the Tree Nightclub marketing campaign and the journey she went on – from brain storming to shooting the video in Swindon – to put a firm plan in place for the brand.

Kath says, “The campaign is for a new nightclub that is due to open in Swindon in August, its called ‘Tree’ and is tipped to be the hottest venue in Swindon, providing party goers with a cool, new place to go out. The brief came to me when the brand was in the early stages of development, which was really exciting.

The Idea
I wanted to create an identity for Tree which was cool & enchanting but also with an air of mystery, as we were going to tease the club on air before it opened. The strapline used for this campaign is ‘Swindon is coming alive at night’ with the idea that Tree, as a brand, would breathe new life to Swindon’s nightlife and the brand itself would grow.

The scripts are based around the idea that the ‘Tree’ is a dominant force, it brings life, it grows etc. To capture this in music I wanted to create a unique sonic that sounded as though a tree is coming to life, with a sense that something magical is happening too. The adverts are meant to appeal to the senses, drawing you in – with a slow build from the music and a rich, poetic voice to entice viewers/listeners.

New Noise Experience
New Noise Audio and I had great fun making this, I must admit the sound of a tree coming to life isn’t always a pleasant one! The sound of roots growing at superspeed is actually more sinister than appealing, but New Noise Audio nailed what I was looking for. It was worth it – the client loved the sound, and the music really complimented the voice of David Ajala (The Dark Knight, Fast and Furious) who has voiced this campaign. The campaign wouldn’t be what it is without New Noise Audio working hard to help develop my ideas into music.

The Benefits 
The benefit of using bespoke music, particularly on this campaign,  meant that we could really start from scratch on this client’s brand. It has given Tree a completely unique identity which is already cutting through on air and resonating with consumers via the latest video on Facebook.”

Here’s the final ‘Tree’ online video:

New Noise Audio have more than 10 years experience in composing to picture, tightly synchronising music, effects and sound design with video content to give it extra impact.

Combined with our bespoke music, sonic triggers and sound design for radio, you can now offer your clients a complete sonic branding solution across radio, online, and even TV. Get in touch to get a tailored quote for your project.

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