The Power of Online Video Content


If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past decade you’ll know the importance of online content marketing and social media for all businesses. From keeping in touch with your customers, telling the world about your achievements and running sales campaigns, there are many ways of promoting your business whilst keeping up with common marketing practices.

However there has been a distinct rise in online video content used for marketing purposes, including corporate and business explainer videos, making their way onto Youtube, so it’s hard not to ignore this increasing trend.

Internet giant Cisco has reported that video content will make up for almost a staggering 80% of consumer traffic by the time 2019 rolls around, with internet video streaming to TV continuing to grow at a fast pace, where its usage doubled in 2014. By 2019, internet streaming to TV will account for around 17% of consumer internet video traffic.

We know that increasing content and news on your website will help with SEO, however how often do people really read through a whole blog article? (…I’m surprised if you’ve come this far reading this one, as statistically you should have given up by now). This is why online video content is the perfect addition to your content marketing strategy; information is easily digested, plus Axonn found that 70% of consumers will see your brand more positively after watching fascinating video content. What’s not to love?

The key to producing a successful online video content campaign is to be as creative as possible, looking at all aspects of what makes it interesting to watch. The message, who you’re targeting, animation/video quality and even music are all very important. John Rampton mentioned in his article for Forbes, that an online video shouldn’t be more than 2 minute and 30 seconds in length. The shorter the better apparently for more shares.

New Noise Audio have worked on many online video campaigns, creating custom music, voice over and sound effects, really giving an online video personality. From our experience we’ve seen that videos that are around 30 seconds to 1 minute and 30 seconds seem to be the most viewed. We’ve also found that online video campaigns which aren’t directly selling your product with a ‘Buy! Buy! Buy!’ message is also the best way to go.

If you haven’t already reserved budget to increase your online video content, we suggest that it’s a smart way to go. The market is ever-increasing and the evidence is clear, so why not take advantage by nabbing your share of it.

If you’d like to discuss bespoke music, sound effects and voice over for your online video campaign, simply get in touch.






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