Sonic Logos and Sound Branding

Listen to our latest sound logos and sonic branding projects

This month we take inspiration from sound trademarks, sonic logos or audio mnemonics – the numerous names used to describe a short distinctive melody to help brand businesses through the power of sound. There are so many big brands who utilise the influence of having a bespoke sonic logo, including Intel, 20th Century Fox, Sony and We Buy Any Car.

Almost every company has a logo or a name, so why not have a sound logo that customers can identify with? Communicate Magazine quite rightly state that: “The sonic brand is the aural equivalent of the graphic identity.” Customers listening to a radio station or the television can usually very quickly distinguish who the company is by the sounds and sonic logos they hear on an advert.

We love sonic logos and sound branding here at New Noise Audio because we feel that it’s a great brand recognition tool, which works well for adverts TV, online videos and radio. Great advertising results have been seen with our own clients, where our most popular request is for a bespoke music bed or jingle with a sonic logo placed at the tail of the track.

Here at New Noise Audio, we have our very own creative service where we will meet with you to discuss your needs and requirements, plus look at any existing branding that your company may have. From this, we create and design your very own bespoke sonic logo, music bed and/or jingle, which can be used on any medium from radio, TV and videos etc.

Need a sonic logo, music bed or full sound branding suite for your company? Simply contact us directly.

Check out our showreel below of the latest sonic logos and sound branding New Noise Audio have created for companies across the UK.

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