Restaurant Radio Jingles

New Noise Audio's top bespoke restaurant radio jingles

The start of the year brings quite a few seasonal celebrations including Burns Night, St Patricks Day and Chinese New Year. However, we always find that Valentines Day can present a good time for businesses to advertise online or on the radio.

From restaurants, jewellers, bridal stores and florists, the list is endless when it comes to places that can benefit from advertising around Valentines Day. Not forgetting Mother’s Day is also earlier this year (6th March), you’ll find that hotels, spas and independent pubs like to get into some advertising action as well.

We’ve found that a 30 second radio jingle with a sung tag line at the beginning and end, plus a part in the middle where a voice over can be added and subsequently updated in the future, is a great way to have a jingle with longevity.

New Noise Audio has produced many radio jingles for restaurants. See below for our top restaurant jingles, where you might find some inspiration:

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