Decathlon Christmas TV Advert – 2015

New Noise Audio's Producer Chris Hollis creates Decathlon's Christmas TV Advert music
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New Noise Audio has help to produce the track for global sports superstore Decathlon and their 2015 Christmas TV advert called ‘A Noel, Offrez du Sport’.

The heartfelt advert sees a father and daughter relationship develop and blossom over the daughter’s new-found love of ice skating. On Christmas Day the father presents a pair of ice skates, where over time the daughter is seen to go from a beginner ice skater to competition worthy.

New Noise Audio teamed up with the Schmooze in Paris to produce the 1-minute Decathlon Christmas TV advert music, which features artist Luke Williams. The Decathlon Christmas TV advert will air this month in France, take a look at it below:

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