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Here at New Noise Audio, we love to go that extra mile for our clients. That’s why we offer a creative concept and sound branding service, helping you to re-brand and give your business a new identity or spice up an existing company through the power of sound.

Over the years we have worked directly with brands, advertising agencies and Radio Sales Executives to produce creative concepts, which make their advertising campaigns truly stand out on air, online and television. We have been known to inventively create everything from sonic tags, brand slogans or tag lines and even company mascots and characters.

For example, we were approached to produce a bespoke radio jingle for the hassle free car buying service Car-Ching. Our creative team went through their existing branding and decided a slightly retro/funky and fun vibe would be the perfect fit for the company. A sonic logo was also created, where we played on the companies name ‘Car-Ching’.

Desserts Delivered is also a great example of our juicy creative minds at work. The New Noise Audio team were inspired by the companies bright 1950’s branding, so you can imagine that ‘jazz hands’ and Grease musical style singing started to fill the New Noise office at that point. The music was developed with the client to make the radio jingle appealing to both male and females with the introduction of a male vocal too.

So if you’re stuck on a creative concept for your business or your clients company, please don’t hesitate to contact us and utilise our imaginatively ingenious sound branding service. Listen to our bespoke radio jingles below, where our creative team unfolded imaginative ideas to boost businesses advertising and marketing effort and sales.

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