Bespoke Music for Carmex Multi-Platform Campaign


Our talented producers and the creative team at Global in the West Midlands have been working together on the new bespoke music for the latest Carmex UK advertising campaign called ‘Share the Tingle (it’s a Carmex ting bro)‘. This was probably the most fun we’ve ever had creating a radio jingle and music for an online video for a client, which resulted in a successful campaign and received a lot of engagement on social media platforms.

The bespoke music was even featured in press packs sent to various beauty industry influencers and experts, and started playing with a video when the press pack was opened. We even spied Youtuber Maddie Bruce receive a Carmex pack on her Instagram stories!

The Senior Creative Account Managers at Global in the West Midlands said:

“For our latest (on-going) campaign with Carmex, we needed to think differently and present the Carmex team with something that wasn’t necessarily what you’d expect from a beauty product’s marketing. Their target audience is currently 16-24 year olds so it made ideal sense from a radio and even an online perspective to target that age group’s most important musical genre – grime.

The brief to New Noise was simultaneously loose and specific. Specifically, we needed authenticity – it had to sound like a grime track we’d hear on Capital Xtra – not a commercial. It had to be fully lyricised without any real sales message (as this was all about lifting the profile of Carmex to the perfect audience), and it had to still include some of the brand sensibilities Carmex has created over the past few years (it’s a ‘little yellow pot’, we ‘share the tingle’ it’s ‘soothing’ not refreshing). The brief was loose in the sense that we wanted the producer and artist input to create the lyrics – dictating these parameters would have lost authenticity resulting in a track that would have been ultimately lacking.

New Noise delivered with the perfect grime track. A very polished piece, it exemplified the core elements of what makes grime such a unique and engaging genre. It had the ability to act as an earworm while maintaining authenticity with a stunning vocal performance and perfect musical accompaniment.

It also had the power of playfulness to ensure that those that heard it didn’t feel like Carmex was taking itself too seriously or appropriating the genre – instead it was a compliment to grime that delivered in a way that stands out without forcing branding down your throat. As a result, listeners were engaged, entertained and ultimately more interested in Carmex – one of the few beauty brands out there that knows exactly who it’s talking to.”

Listen to the Carmex track on Sound Cloud, click here or view the online video below:

Carmex creates various beauty products and is particularly famous for it’s small and round yellow pot of medicated lip balm. The company is a family business which was founded in 1937 by Alfred Woelbing. All images and videos in this blog post are owned by Carmex.


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