Bespoke Music for CANAL Christmas TV Advert


John Lewis and Sainsbury’s have launched their brand new Christmas TV adverts for 2015. Now New Noise Audio is finally having a moment of Christmas madness too.

We’re finally excited to launch our involvement with creating bespoke music for the CANAL and CANAL+ ‘Best Friends’ Christmas TV advert, for their subscription service in France. Through agencies BETC Paris and Schmooze, New Noise Audio produced 3 music parts for the hilariously cute TV advert.

The advert features a family warthog pet causing havoc and chaos around the home and out and about the neighborhood. The husband and wife featured in the advert grow tiresome of the family pet as each day passes. The warthog wrecks the house, drags the husband down the street by the lead and eats the contents of the fridge.

CANAL Christmas TV Advert 'Best Friends'

Alongside the madness of the warthog’s antics unfolding, the synched music to picture plays out a lighthearted and quirky soundtrack. Cut to 1 year earlier to the previous Christmas and the CANAL TV advert shows the husband presenting his wife with a cute baby warthog. The end line: “This year, give a gift you won’t regret. Give Canal to the family.

At this point the music changes to a slower paced Christmas version of the first soundtrack heard, complete with jingle bells. The final piece of music for the Christmas TV advert switches to an indie/country rock style, whilst showcasing in picture what a CANAL subscription includes.

New Noise Audio had a lot of fun working on the CANAL Christmas TV advert. Having 3 music parts to the advert was a great idea, where we kept building upon the first quirky piece of music as the advert progresses.

Watch the French (CANAL) and English (CANAL+) versions below:

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