New Noise Audio Ltd was first bought to life in 2008, where music production talent and radio industry experience were combined to produce high-quality, bespoke jingles for many radio stations across the UK. With an ever-expanding client base, New Noise Audio soon crossed over to synchronisation projects for television adverts.

With the digital marketing boom of online campaigns and videos, our experience and knowledge also expanded. Now we focus on all aspects of bespoke sound design for advertising agencies, brands and radio stations – from imaging, bespoke jingles, promotional videos to music for television adverts.

Like everyone, we secretly love compliments, where we’ve been told repeatedly it’s the bespoke music and flexible service our clients adore most (read our testimonials). We work alongside many top radio brands such as Global and BBC Radio 1, and also advertising agencies such as Schmooze in Paris.

New Noise Audio has a team of musicians, producers, voice over artists and session singers who create our bespoke sounds, covering all genres. We work in a professional studio environment with all the latest technology to make your music the very best it can be. Find out more about our brilliant core team at New Noise Audio.

Here at New Noise Audio, we believe in affordable pricing for all of our bespoke music, covering full buy outs and different licensing agreements for your needs and budget. If you have a creative brief with a budget in mind, simply get in touch to speak to one of our representatives, where we’ll be happy to present a proposal.


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