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Happy Little Yoga has just released its first-ever DVD encouraging children ages 4-11 years old to learn yoga and meditation the fun way. The brand new Happy Little Yogi DVD features around 6 different sections, teaching children lots of different yoga poses, how to ‘tune in’ with chanting, yoga games and a brilliant relaxing meditation – perfect just before bedtime.

New Noise Audio has had the pleasure of creating a series of tracks for the children’s yoga DVD, which includes a version of the ‘Sa Ta Na Ma’ meditation song, a warrior song instrumental and an ‘Aap Sahai Hoa’ prosperity meditation song. Needless to say, the New Noise Audio team absolutely love the finished result!

Happy Little Yogi was founded in 2009 by Jane Oppegaard (Siri Prem Kaur), where she was inspired to teach yoga to all ages, including adults. Happy Little Yogi also hold children’s yoga classes in Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire, as well as children’s yoga day camps through the holidays. The Happy Little Yogi DVD is now on sale, where you can purchase it for just £12.99. Individual tracks from the DVD will be available to purchase very soon.

Below, Jane Oppegaard presenting the Happy Little Yogi DVD to Gurumukh in New York.

Happy little yogi DVD

Happy Little Yogi





Watch the trailer for the new Happy Little Yogi DVD below:

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